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Are you planning to Visit to Hospital in this Pandemic?

Tips from: Sunshine Hospital,Bhubaneswar

My- Location: Laxmisagar Chowk, Bhubaneswar

Max 4 KM ahead from Temple City, Lord Lingraj Heritage Pilgrim..

Maximum 6 KM from International Airport

Only 3 KM from Central Railway Station

60 KM from World Famous Lord Jagannath Dham

Only 5 KM from Main Bus Stand


We also Available 24 X 7 Services on:

0674-2571188,  9338102104,  9338108108,  8093055077


We are maintaing all the Govt Guidelines and Protocols during Covid - 19

You are also requested to obey all the same protocols before visiting to the hospital.


Visiting a hospital during the pandemic? Keep these pointers in mind

If you are dealing with a non-corona virus medical issue, should you be visiting a hospital at all?

This is a legitimate concern, given that the pandemic persists with cases still being reported from

many parts of the country and the world. For those in a bind, especially if a loved one is facing a

medical emergency during this time, here is a ready reckoner from experts on your plan of action.

Considering healthcare experts and facilities are dealing with all kinds of patients, “hospitals are more

infection-prone given the present circumstances”, commented by the Team of Doctors , Sunshine Hospital,

We should go to the hospital only if it absolute necessary.

As government has already approved tele-consults at on this Pandemic time,

 But in case there are heavy issues that can’t be handled at home, we can go to the hospital, but with precautions.

What precautions can you take?

As per Indian Medical Association Hospital Board of India’s guidelines, COVID-19 – Role of Hospitals and

Healthcare Professionals, hospitals should restrict visits of non-essential visitors except for certain situations,

such as an end-of-life situation.

It also mandates that visitors must be over 18 years of age. As per the guidelines, it is also necessary for visitors

to practice good hand hygiene. “When visiting, visitors should wash hands with soap and water or use an

alcohol-based hand sanitiser before entering and upon exiting the patient’s room,” the guideline


Sunshine Wishing for your Healthy & Safe Visit…


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