Wards & Cabins

Wards & Rooms available in Sunshine Hospital

Sunshine Hospital is fully equipped with 100 Bedded facilities for all Category Patients.


Out of which: 26 Beds have been distributed to different ICCU Unit

With following Category:

13 Bedicated Beds utilized for MICU

05 Beds is fully Utilized for SICU

03 Beds is fully Utilized for CT-ICU &

03 Beds is fully Utilized for PRE-OP

Total General Ward, Single Cabin and Twin Sharing Room-44

Multibed Ward

Sunshine has made Multi-bed rooms available with 1-2 beds per room. Steps are taken to maintain patient privacy while allowing patients to benefit from more economical tariffs and making all other amenities such as dedicated wardrobes, television, etc available.

Twin sharing Room

This is a ‘same gender’ shared accommodation for two patients. Both the beds are partitioned with a curtain to maintain patient privacy. The twin room is equipped with a television, telephone, wardrobe and basic amenities for each patient. An attendant sofa-bed is also provided for each patient.

Single Room

Sunshine single room is designed to meet all the basic requirements for a single patient with accommodation for one attendant. These are almost 300 sq.ft rooms provide ample space for both the patient and the attendant and are designed with large windows for natural light.

Single Deluxe Room

Sunshine single deluxe room is designed to give enough space for mobility to the patient and accommodation for one attendant with attached bathing facilities.



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